What is Pandan?


Those who have been to Asia would often describe the various fragrance of spices and tastes involved in the preparation of a meal. Many of such spices have already made its way into the european cuisine over the years. From rendang curry to teriyaki chicken, Europeans have also acquired the exotic taste of asian cuisine over time. Through innovation, exotic spices are merged with local delights to create new fusion delicacies.

However, there are still some lesser known seasonings. One of which is the tropical plant: pandanus amaryllifolius, also known as pandan or screwpine. It is often use to "perfume" or aromatise desserts or dishes in south asia and southeast asia cuisine. Its unique fragrance and taste are often described to be somewhat similar to a mixture of roasted nuts and vanilla.

Pandan Treasures - 宝 (pronouced as bǎo), which also means treasure in chinese, was established to introduce and infuse the pandan flavour into the european cuisine. One of the main products is Pandan Kaya - By infusing pandan juice with coconut milk and eggs, this creamy coconut spread will hopefully revolutionise your breakfast or tea breaks.
Interestingly, there are also a number of local medicinal uses in Asia: The pandan leaf extracts have been used to reduce fever, relieve indigestion and flatulence and as a cardio-tonic. Titillate your tastebuds today and try one of our featured products today! Shop now!

Specials / Promotion

The Care Packages include various fusioned Pandan delicacies, which make them also an ideal starting point to get familiarised with the Pandan flavour

Pandan Delights for Breakfast

Breakfast / Brunch

Kaya Toast and eggs are a staple breakfast for many Singaporeans, but you should try this heavenly combination instead: Pandan Kaya + Pandan Brioche

Snacks / Afternoon Tea

Spruce up your afternoon tea with these exquisite Pandan delicacies


Celebrate in style with these Pandan themed cakes

Pandan Desserts

Sweets / Desserts

What better way to end your meals on a high with these delectables

Plant-based (Vegan) Delights

Now you can also enjoy some of our signature Pandan products in the Vegan version

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