Baker, Marketer, Allrounder

I am a Singaporean who migrated to Switzerland in 2002 for love and have learnt to fall in love with this beautiful country as well. Like most Singaporeans of my generation, food is not just a means to still the hunger, it's more of an experience. When we are informed of a trendy food that is unique and flavoursome, we would travel across the small island and queue just to satisfy our cravings for that particular food. If you were to ask about hobbies most Singaporeans have, it will most probably be these top two options: Eating and Shopping.

That's why, when I migrated to Zurich, I realised that most of my favourite food are no longer easily obtainable. Like most immigrants, I have to make my own version of my favourite dishes with the supplies available here or even have to resort to "smuggling" them back to Switzerland when I travel back to visit family and friends.

After letting some of my Swiss friends try out the pandan flavour of some food that I brought back from Singapore and having good feedback on its taste. I decided to try out my own versions of fusion food - European food infused with pandan flavours. That's how Pandan Treasures - 宝 (pronouced as bǎo) was created. The range of products from: Pandan Brioche, Pandan Madeleines, Pandan Kaya and Kaya Cream Puffs in the beginning have since been extended with Pandan Chiffon Cake, Kaya Macarons, Pandan Sablés and more options will be explored down the road.

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