Burnt Basque Pandan Cheesecake

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NOTE: This product is only available via self-collection. Experience a unique twist on the classic dessert : Burnt Basque Pandan Cheesecake. A perfect blend of creamy, caramelized decadence with a hint of fragrant and sweet Pandan, providing a deliciously elevated dessert experience. Keto-friendly and gluten-free (plain)! Decorated includes a 40g Pandan Kaya and 3 pieces of Pandan Bricelets.

Product Information

Basque cheesecake was created in 1990 by Santiago Rivera of the La Viña restaurant in the Basque Country, Spain. It is composed of burnt custard and no crust. (Wikipedia)

Size or Dimensions

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 The Burnt Basque Pandan Cheesecake weights about 1 Kg and has a diameter of 16.5cm 

Product Details

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Allergies: Dairy, Gluten-free (plain)
Lactose-free available

Special Instructions

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This product is only available via self-collection. Given that there are no preservatives, please enjoy them as soon as possible, preferable same-day.